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The North Coast and Cascades Network staff funded by the Inventory and Monitoring program are dispersed among the network parks.

Our Mailing Address:

North Coast & Cascades Network
C/O Mount Rainier National Park
55210 238th Avenue East
Ashford, WA 98304-9751

Network I&M Personnel

Name Title/Position Phone Number
Mark Huff Program Manager (253) 306-4473
Natalya (Natasha) Antonova GIS Specialist (360) 854-7312
John Boetsch Ecologist (360) 565-3064
Kristen Bonebrake Data Manager (360) 565-3088
Katherine (Kathy) Braun Assistant Data Manager (360) 565-3063
Lise Grace Biological Science Technician (360) 854-7323

Park I&M Personnel

Name Title/Position Phone Number
Bill Baccus Physical Science Technician (360) 565-3061
Catharine Copass Vegetation Inventory Project Coordinator (360) 565-2979
Mike Larrabee Physical Science Technician (360) 565-3063
Carmen Archambault (Welch) Aquatic Ecologist (360) 565-3064

Last updated: June 17, 2020