Connecting with Science

The North Coast and Cascades Research Learning Center is one of 18 research learning centers throughout the country, and works to:

  • Promote national parks as premier places for scientific enquiry
  • Facilitate the use of science to inform management decisions
  • Incorporate science into park visitor and staff experiences

The NCC RLC is co-located with the North Coast and Cascades Inventory and Monitoring Network. The RLC works with network parks, the NCC I&M Network, and other researchers to identify research needs, coordinate science activities, and make science accessible for park management.

Two people crouch in the rocky intertidal zone with measuring tapes and clipboards


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A group of people gather around for the release of a fisher, a small brown animal

Science Stories

What's new in the northwest? Read about ongoing science and recent discoveries.

Last updated: February 24, 2023