Connecting with Science in Northwest Parks

The North Coast and Cascades Research Learning Center is one of 18 research learning centers throughout the country. Research learning centers promote national parks as premier places for scientific enquiry, facilitate the use of science to inform management decisions, and help incorporate science into visitor and staff experiences.

The NCC RLC is co-located with the North Coast and Cascades Inventory and Monitoring Network. The RLC works with network parks, the NCC I&M Network, and other researchers to identify research needs, coordinate science activities, and make science accessible for park management.

A colorful map of the Pacific Northwest using non-visible wavelengths taken from a satellite.
North Coast & Cascades Science Days

Join us for a three-day virtual symposium in February 2024 featuring science that spans parks, ecosystems, and fields of study.

Researchers crouch in a meadow around a square frame.
Explore Science Topics

Discover some of the key issues and research addressing them in parks of the North Coast & Cascades.

A group of people gather around for the release of a fisher, a small brown animal
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What's new in the North Coast & Cascades? Read about ongoing science and recent discoveries.

Last updated: September 13, 2023