"I hope to be remembered as the people's President."

President Harry S Truman took America from its traditional isolationism into the age of international involvement. Despite his power, he never forgot where he came from. Today, visitors can experience the surroundings Truman knew as a young man of modest ambition through his political career and final years as a former president.

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Welcome to 219 North Delaware Street, Independence, Missouri. Harry Truman called it the "center of the world." In 1953, after being the most powerful person on earth, Harry Truman returned to Independence, and became "Mr. Citizen." And now, thanks to First Lady Bess Wallace Truman, 219 North Delaware Street now belongs to you. We only take care of it for you. You can also walk the grounds of the Truman family Farm, and learn where Harry Truman gained his common sense.

Front exterior view of the Truman Home
How To Tour The Truman Home!

Take a guided tour of the Truman Home for an in-depth view of the personal and family life of the 33rd President of the United States.

Wedding anniversary plate. Margaret's birth date "Feb 17, Margaret, 1924"
Some Online Exhibits

Harry S Truman NHS preserves over 50,000 artifacts related to the Truman family. Click below to see a selection of objects.

A painting of Harry S Truman, with US Capitol in the background
Harry S Truman, Citizen and President

A brief introduction to Harry S Truman, 33rd President of the United States, and citizen of Independence, Missouri.

Harry S Truman, future Commander in Chief, proudly serving in World War I
Harry S Truman and the Great War

Harry S Truman, the man ultimately responsible for ending WWII, proudly served in WWI. There he learned about warfare, and leadership.

Old Voice Recorder
Oral History Project

Over the past 39 years, this program has continued to preserve important information passed down about the Truman family’s home life.

The Trumans' Bedroom
219 North Delaware, Virtually!

A virtual tour of the first floor and video tour of the second is here. Due to the fragile structure of the house the upstairs is not open.

Modern photo of Truman Home, white house, metal fence in front, round logo for wellness challenge.
The NPS Wellness Challenge!

Learn more about the National Park Service Wellness Challenge located at Harry S Truman National Historic Site!

Exterior View of the Noland Home
Noland Home

Home of Harry's cousins...learn more about the courtship of Harry & Bess and life in the Truman neighborhood. Open Wednesday to Sunday.

Front of pass card, active military card
Some Federal Passes Available at Truman

Some of the Federal recreation passes are available at our visitor center. Others are easily available online.

two bungalow homes, with a lilac bush in the foregraound
The Frank and George Wallace Homes

These two small bungalow homes, once belonging to two of Bess Wallace Truman's brothers, are now part of the cultural landscape.

graphic showing ways of planning a trip like a Park Ranger
Plan Like a Park Ranger!

We hope you'll come and see us! We have some tips to make your visit safe, memorable, and meaningful. We welcome you.

Painting, Harry Truman, in suit, US Capitol in backdrop
Become a Junior Ranger!

You can be a Junior Ranger and get a really cool badge like the Rangers wear!

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