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"In restoring the prairie grasslands the ultimate aim is to approach as near the original as possible. How near the original we can come is not known. But it would seem desirable to make an effort early in the program to restore some of the more prominent spring, summer and fall flowers to show a part of Nature which no doubt gave some cheer to the first settlers."

--Adolph Murie, 1940

Trail through the tallgrass prairie at Homestead.
Sunset on a trail at Homestead
The natural areas at Homestead National Monument of America offer a window to the past, a place for exploration and reflection, and a valuable arena for scientific research. Escape into nature and hike, picnic, birdwatch, and more. The rare presence of tallgrass prairie, woodland, and creek ecosystems presents an opportunity to learn about a diverse range of habitats and species.

The Heartland Inventory and Monitoring Network takes inventory of the species and natural features in its parks including Homestead, and then monitors them over time to see how they're doing.


Heartland Inventory and Monitoring Projects at Homestead

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    Nature at Homestead

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