Things To Do

Visitor Center: First stop should be at the park's Visitor Center. Inside are museum exhibits, restrooms, a bookstore, audio-visual programs and staff who can inform and orient visitors to the site.

Self-Guided Tour: Visitors can take a self-guided walking tour of the historic furnace community, enter its many buildings and visit the animals on the farm.

Living History Programs and Demonstrations: Programs are presented during summer months and during special events at other times of the year.

Picnic: Eat under the trees in the park's picnic area or spread out a blanket in the historic apple orchard.

Hike: Walk the many miles of blazed trails and historic roadways that travel through Hopewell and neighboring French Creek State Park.

Watch Wildlife: Enjoy bird watching, deer watching or looking for some of the more reclusive animal species that reside in the park.

Become a Junior Ranger: Children may participate in the park's Junior Ranger Program. Each child receives a booklet in which they answer questions and find important items while they tour the park. Upon completion of the booklet, each child receives a Junior Ranger badge.

Pick Apples: During September and October visitors are allowed to pick from the many historic varieties of apples in the orchard. A charge is collected for the amount of apples picked.

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