View of anthracite furnace in spring with  purple plants blooming in background.
Anthracite Furnace

Learn about the furnace's company's attempt to modernize iron production with anthracite coal.

Red and white barn with fence in foreground. Ironmaster's Mansion is in view behind the barn.

Learn about the important role of the barn in operating the business and sustaining life at Hopewell Furnace.

Red tile roof on white building with belfry. Bridge House in background.
Cast House

Learn about the role of the Cast House in iron production.

Front of a white building with green shutters and a porch.
Ironmaster's Mansion

Learn about the residence of the furnace manager.

White building with red shed attached.

Learn how the Office/Store helped to sustain workers at the remote furnace.

Fence encircles charcoal pit and top of collier hut is visible in background
Charcoal Pit and Collier Hut

Learn about the process of charcoal production at Hopewell Furnace.

White church surrounded by cemetery.
Bethesda Church

During the most productive period of operations at Hopewell Furnace, Bethesda Church served as a meeting place for religious services.

View of top of furnace stack connected to Bridge House and Cast House.
Charcoal Furnace

Learn about the furnace that produced iron for over a century.

Wooden water wheel inside Cast House.
Water Wheel

Learn how the water wheel powered the iron making process.

White building with red tile roof. 1 red door is visible and open. 2 red framed window is in view.
Blacksmith Shop

Learn about the importance of Blacksmiths at Hopewell Furnace.

Group of four apples hanging from a branch in the orchard.

Visit the historic orchard at Hopewell Furnace. Have your history and eat it too!

Stone building with red gables and a shed attached.
Charcoal House

Learn how charcoal was stored for use in the iron making process.

Last updated: December 24, 2020

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