First Amendment Activities and Breaking News

The exercise of First Amendment rights includes freedom of assembly, speech, religion and press. Examples of such events include public demonstrations, assemblies, or other forms of public expression of opinions and views. The exercise of First Amendment rights at Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites requires a permit, but no charges, bonding or insurance requirements apply.

Please contact the Special Park Use Coordinator Mike Autenrieth or (845) 229-7770, prior to your First Amendment Activity for more information and to request a permit. NPS Form 10-930 Application for Special Use Permit

The National Park Service requires agreement with any necessary conditions regulating certain aspects of the participants' conduct as well as the time, place, and manner of the activity in order to protect park resources, but may not regulate the content or message in any way. While many areas are open to First Amendment activities, some areas within the sites are not available due to public safety concerns and the possibility of disruption to park operations and interpretive functions.

Except for the sale of certain printed matter, the sale of merchandise in the parks such as T-Shirts, clothing, and arts and crafts is prohibited during First Amendment and other special use activities.

Breaking news is defined as an event that cannot be covered at any other time or location, and is covered under freedom of the press. The filming of news-breaking events does not require a permit, but is subject to restrictions and conditions necessary to protect park resources and public health and safety, and to prevent impairment or degradation of park resources and values.

All permits must be signed and all permit conditions agreed to by both the applicant and the superintendent before a permit is valid and use of the site is authorized.

Last updated: March 3, 2019

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