Your Dollars at Work

The National Park Service collects Recreation Fees under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA). Recreation Fees provide a vital source of revenue for improving facilities and services for park visitors.

In many national parks, 80% of Recreation Fees improve the park in which they are collected and the remaining 20% is distributed throughout the National Park System. At Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt NHS, 100% of Recreation Fees go back to the park.

Your fee dollars go toward many projects within the park to improve the park in the areas of :

  • Safety and Security

  • Public Programming

  • Landscape Restoration

  • Buildings and Structures

  • Preservation of interior and historic objects

If you have questions about Recreation Fees, please e-mail us

Fence at Springwood

Restoration of Rose Garden Features


In 2019 and 2020 work was done in the Rose Garden to restore pathways, repair fencing, and restore garden hedges and other plantings to maintain the historic conditions.

Establish Home Garden Harvesting Program


With the re-establishment of the Roosevelt Home Garden in 2016, the park has worked tirelessly to research, plant, and harvest heritage produce that match the historic offerings during President Roosevelt’s lifetime. Utilizing volunteer support, the park has been successful in restoring the historic garden and establishing successful harvests.

Preserve Historic Structures


Over the last 5 years, the park has utilized Recreation Fee dollars to ensure the preservation and protection of the historic structures at the Home of FDR. Examples of projects include:

- The replacement of the wood shingle roof on the historic laundry building

- Preserve and repair the exterior of the stables

- Restore and provide visitor viewing of the small ice house

- Repair historic fences and gates

- Rehabilitate the Roosevelt Gardener’s Cottage Exterior, Roof, and Millwork

Maintain Park Trails


Maintain and repair trails throughout the park to ensure clear routes and safe visitor conditions. The Home of FDR maintains over 4 miles of trails that are tied into the larger Hyde Park Trail System.

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