Midwest Archeological Center
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    Southeast Archeological Center

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SEAC: History

History of the Center

SEAC, established in 1966, was originally housed on the ground floor of the Ocmulgee National Monument Visitor Center. In 1972, the Center moved to the main campus of Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee where it occupied 5,200 square feet next to the Department of Anthropology. The Center has maintained close association with the Department by sharing space, personnel, expertise, and equipment. In October 1995, the Center moved to new and expanded quarters in FSU's Innovation Park. That same year, SEAC was merged with the Interagency Archeological Services (IAS) Division, then based in Atlanta. Today, all Center offices are located at Innovation Park, an extension of the Florida State University campus. The Center continues its historical support functions as well as a wide variety of technical assistance and partnership projects both within and outside NPS.

Organization and Staff

The Center is organized into four sections: Administration; Investigation and Evaluation (I&E), Archeological Collections and Information Management (ACIM); and Technical Assistance and Parnerships (TAP). The Center's staff comprises twenty-six permanent full-time employees and a varying number of part-time student appointments. Together, the permanent professional employees have nearly 300 years of archeological and CRM experience.

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