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SEAC: The Search for Battery Halleck

  • Fort Pulaski National Monument Home Page
    The official site of Fort Pulaski National Monument contains a brief introduction to the fort and the fort's significance. It also contains information concerning visitation.
  • Fort Pulaski National Monument In Depth
    This is the site created by Fort Pulaski personnel. It contains in-depth information on the history and various important events that occurred at the fort.
  • Test Excavations at Civil War Period Battery Halleck, Fort Pulaski National Monument, Chatham County, Georgia
    In 1990, archeologists from the National Park Service investigated the location of Battery Halleck on Tybee Island. This battery fired the signal shot marking the beginning of the bombardment of Fort Pulaski on April 10-11, 1862. The results of this investigation are detailed in this web adaptation of the original Southeast Archeological Center report.
  • Battery Hamilton stabilization and archeological recording of remains, in situ preservation and monitoring recommendations, work done in cooperation with the Georgia DOT and associated with Civil War activites at Fort Pulaski, Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia.
       Links to PDF files: Brochure | Preservation and Stabilization Plan | Archeological Report

  • Southeast Archeological Center's Civil War Archeology Page
    This page lists some of the various resources available within the National Park Service's and Southeast Archeological Center's sites dealing with the Civil War. These materials include technical reports concerning excavations, a general outline of the Civil War, archives of photographs and documents, and much more.
  • Links to the Past Home Page
    Links to the Past is a part of the National Park Service web site. It provides information on the cultural aspect of park management, including information on archeology and ethnography.
  • National Park Service Home Page
    This site includes information on the many activities and divisions of the National Park Service.

Other Civil War Links

Other Fort Pulaski Related Links

  • Information on the Third System of American Coastal Defense
    This section of the Fort Adams web site contains information on the political reasons for the construction of the Third System of American Coastal Defense. Included are discussions on the state of the nation following the War of 1812, and French involvement in the construction of these fortifications of which Fort Pulaski was one.
  • The History of the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp 460 at Cockspur Island
    This site provides a brief rundown of the involvement of Civilian Conservation Corps members in the reconstruction and restoration of Fort Pulaski during the 1930s.
  • Information about the Camp 460 year 2000 reunion
    An article from the Savannah Creative Loafing describes the activities that occurred at the 2000 reunion of the surviving members of the Civilian Conservation Corps who worked at Fort Pulaski.
  • The Coastal Heritage Society in Savannah, Georgia
    As stated on their web site, "The Coastal Heritage Society is an non-profit organization devoted to perserving the history and culture of the coastal Georgia region. The society currently manages three significant historical sites, Old Fort Jackson, the Savannah History Museum, and the Historic Railroad Shops."