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headerImages of Fort Pulaskiheader

Aerial view of Fort Pulaski. Count Casimir Pulaski. Historical landmark sign at the entrance to Fort Pulaski National Monument. The parade ground inside Fort Pulaski.
  The moat at Fort Pulaski. A reconstructed cannon platform at Fort Pulaski.  

headerBefore Fort Pulaskiheader



2 prehistoric pottery sherds found at Fort Pulaski National Monument.

1761 diagram of Fort George.
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Headstone of Lieutenant Robert Rowan who died  in 1800.
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headerFort Construction and the Civil Warheader

The Construction of Fort Pulaski

Lieutenant Robert E. Lee. Lieutenant Joseph K.F. Mansfield.

Drawing of Fort Pulaski from Turtle Island.
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Photograph of a part of the drainage system.
Cistern and square brickwork. Cistern. Square brickwork.  

The Battle for Fort Pulaski

Aerial view of damaged walls of Fort Pulaski.

Ground view of damaged walls of Fort Pulaski.

Closeup of damaged wall.
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Embedded projectiles in damaged wall.

1862 photograph of a dismounted mortar at Fort Pulaski.

1862 drawing of a dismounted mortar.
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Mounted beauregard cannon at Fort Pulaski. A minie' ball.

Fort Pulaski for the Remainder of the War

Moving ammunition from Fort McAllister to Fort Pulaski.
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Sign commemorating the Immortal 600. Painting depicting the burial of a Confederate soldier.

headerArcheology of the Post Civil War Eraheader

The demilune at Fort Pulaski. Corridor underneath the demilune. Battery Horace Hambright. Cockspur lighthouse/beacon.

headerCreation of a New National Monumentheader

The overgrown parade ground in 1925. Photograph of the cleared parade ground. Civilian Conservation Corps repairs of the terreplein.

Dredging the moat in the 1930s.


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