The Southeast Archeological Center

The mission of the Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC) is to provide the best archeological and collections management assistance possible to national parks and partners. This is achieved by conducting and disseminating high-quality anthropological research and interpretation, based on cutting edge, multidisciplinary methods, technologies, and science. SEAC maintains impeccable ethical standards by reporting timely research findings to park managers, the public, and professional audiences.

SEAC fulfills federal requirements for the protection of cultural resources by performing archeological research, promoting education and outreach, providing collections and information management services, and offering technical support for national park units located in the Southeast Region. Additionally, SEAC provides interagency support to help carry out the Secretary of the Interior’s responsibilities to other agencies for cultural resources compliance, archeological site stabilization, resource planning, and public education and outreach. Contact us or see the staff directory for more information.

Archeologist conserving metal artifact

AICE Program

Archeological Investigations, Compliance, and Evaluation (AICE) Program

Compactors in ACIM storage

ACIM Program

Archeological Collections and Information Management (ACIM) Program

Archeologist speaking with public at field site

ALTASC Program

Archeological Landscapes, Technical Assistance Service, and Contracts (ALTASC) Program

Archeologist examining eroding shell midden on river bank

NAS Program

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and Applied Sciences Program

Archeologist giving presentation at public outreach event

Public Outreach

Learn about SEAC's public outreach program, focused on educating youth about America's cultural resources

SEAC diver records an anchor underwater at Buck Island

SEAC Dive Team

Learn about the SEAC dive team which consists of members from several sections

Archeologist standing in background behind a horse during Geophysical Survey

Geophysical Survey and Investigations

Learn about SEAC's geophysical survey capabilities

GIS map of archeological site

Geographic Information Systems

Learn about the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects that SEAC undertakes for the parks

Volunteer using Munsell color book to record description of soil

Volunteers in the Park (VIPS)

Learn about volunteering at SEAC through the Volunteers in the Park (VIPS) program

Last updated: February 10, 2020