What's Going On With The Volcanoes?

Attention symbol illustrated with a red triangle and exclamation point within it.
The eruption that began southwest of Kīlauea summit on June 3 has paused and is unlikely to resume.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continues to closely monitor Kīlauea and will issue additional notices as needed.
A volcanic cinder cone emitting steam.

Get a live look inside the park, courtesy of USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

A hardened lava lake within a crater.
Kīlauea Volcano Update

Read the activity summary of Kīlauea, courtesy of USGS.

Cinder cone producing steam.
Mauna Loa Volcano Update

Read the activity summary of Mauna Loa, courtesy of USGS.

A ranger standing next to a sulfur dioxide monitor.
Air Quality

Hazardous volcanic gasses can present a danger to sensitive groups of people. Frequently check the air quality during your visit.

Last updated: June 7, 2024

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