Management Documents

Land Protection Plan (1986)
The purpose of the Land Protection Plan for Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park is to identify methods of assuring the protection of the park's natural, historic, scenic, cultural, recreational, or other significant resources.
Wilderness Study and Recommendation 1974
Wilderness Plan, Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, 1975 - includes wilderness study (1973), Draft Environmental Statement, Hearing Proceedings, and the Final Environmental Statement (1975)
General Management Plan - May 24, 2016
Record of Decision (pdf 3.3MB)
Abbreviated Final General Management Plan (pdf 9.6MB)
Draft General Management Plan (pdf 45.6MB)
Please ensure to download the Record of Decision, the Draft GMP, and the Abbreviated Final GMP for the full and complete record.
Business Plan (pdf 3.14MB)
The park's Business Plan describes how operational expenditures and investments were made, identifies where funding gaps exist, and determines key investment and operational priorities for the future.
Wildland Fire Management Plan - 2007 (pdf 481KB)
The purpose of the Wildland Fire Management Plan is to develop and improve the park's fire management program to protect human life, property, and cultural resources and to maintain or restore natural resources.

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