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The sideboard in the dining room, set for a yule feast


Hampton's museum collection is a remarkable one. It includes some 60,000 objects ranging from valuable high style furniture and fine art to a rusty coffee can, with lots in between.

The historic site also holds a rich documentary record of the Ridgely family, described on the Archives page.

Interest in physical fitness has waxed and waned through our history. Dumbbells were used by the Ridgelys in the late 1800s.


All but a handful of these objects were purchased by the Ridgely family and used in the house, making it truly a glimpse into the tastes, values, and activities of one Maryland family through the years.
The mid-Atlantic region boasts many terraced gardens. Hampton's is one of the biggest and best.


The landscape is a rare surviving ensemble from a late ante-bellum slave estate. Six state champion trees, a huge terraced garden, and over twenty buildings, including slave quarters give visitors a glimpse of the layout of a great slave estate. This material culture reveals the non material culture of those who designed it, built it, and lived and died in it.

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