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Backpack Haleakalā!

Backpack Haleakala!

Families now have a free and fun way to explore Haleakala National Park with Backpack Haleakala! Click here to find out how you can start your adventure with the Backpack Haleakala! program today.

Junior Ranger Badge

Junior Ranger and WebRanger Programs

Keiki (kids) have the opportunity to become a Haleakalā Junior Ranger and a WebRanger! To learn more about the programs, just click Be A Junior Ranger.


Fun Activities

Coloring Sheets

These fun coloring sheets allow kids to color in the native birds, insects, and fish that you find here at Haleakalā. To print out the sheets, please click the links.

Nene Coloring Sheet (pdf)

Honeycreeper Coloring Sheet (pdf)

Native Animals Coloring Sheet (pdf)

Insects Coloring Sheet (pdf)


The Hawaiian Alphabet

Did you know that Hawaiians did not have a written alphabet before western contact? They passed down their history from generation to generation through speech. When the missionaries arrived, they wanted to teach the Hawaiian people to read and write, so they had to develop an alphabet from the words they heard.

Click here to learn the Hawaiian alphabet.


Hawaiian Myths

How did the demigod Maui pull the Hawaiian Islands from the bottom of the ocean? Click here to find out.

Why did the demigod Maui make the sun slow its travel across the sky? Click here to find out.


Learning Resources

Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems

Did you know that Haleakalā National Park is home to plants and animals that are found no where else on Earth? Learn more about them in Nature & Science.

What kind of birds live in the park? Find out on our Bird Checklist. (pdf)

What kind of plants are at the Summit District? Find out on our Plant Checklist. (pdf)


How old is Mt. Haleakalā? How big is the mountain? When was the last eruption? Find out through the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Is it a crater or a valley? What is a shield volcano? Find out by reading what is Written in the Rocks.

Human Interactions

The area that Haleakalā National Park now encompasses has been a destination for many people since Polynesian's first arrived in the Hawaiian Islands more than a thousand years ago. Learn more about the people and the culture through History & Culture.

How many people visit Haleakalā National Park in a month? How about a year? Find out through our Public Use Numbers.

Hō'ike o Haleakalā Curriculum

Originally designed for use in high school classrooms, this comprehensive curriculum serves as a guide for learners from grade school to college. It is free to use and provides resources related to geology, native ecosystems, and management issues. Visit the Hō'ike o Haleakalā Curriculum website to begin your exploration.

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Every Kid in a Park 4th Grade Annual Pass

Available to U.S. 4th graders (including home-schooled and free-choice learners 10 years of age) with a valid Every Kid in a Park paper pass. The pass is valid for the duration of the 4th grade school year through the following summer (September-August). Paper passes can be obtained by visiting the Every Kid in a Park website and can be exchanged for the Annual 4th Grade Pass at Federal recreation sites that charge Entrance or Standard Amenity fees. Digital version of the paper pass (such as on smart phones or tablets) will not be accepted to exchange for an Annual 4th Grade Pass. The pass is non-transferable. Educators can also be involved! Learn more at the Every Kid in a Park website.

Additional Details about the Annual 4th Grade Pass

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