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Caring for Your National Park
The National Park Service cannot exist without the support and interest of the public - meaning you! Please take an active interest in your parks and let us know what they mean to you. If you have a park story, comment, or suggestion you can contact us and tell us about it.

Working for the Park
The staff is tiny at Hagerman Fossil Beds and paid openings are rare. That doesn't mean you should give up! There are several ways to be hired at the park to complete a variety of jobs. You can search USAjobs or follow the Work with Us section of this website.

Whether it is a day, week, month, or a few hours you have to spare there may be a volunteer opportunity open at Hagerman Fossil Beds. Most of the volunteer work is done in the warmer spring and summer months.

Park supporters and visitors are very generous with their time and funds. School groups receive supplies and materials during park programs, assistance with transportation costs, and loaner materials thanks to donations made. Even the everyday visitor to Hagerman Fossil Beds receives handouts, volunteer attention, and special care thanks to donations. Thank you.

Park Partners
Our cooperating association, Discover Your Northwest, not only runs our bookstore but as a non-profit partner of the National Park Service contributes funding and other resources to the park.
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Last updated: June 18, 2017

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