Plan Your Visit

Whether you are only stopping in for a few hours, or planning on spending a week in the park, find all of the information you will need to plan your visit at Guadalupe Mountains.
An agave bloom in the desert below the summit of El Capitan
Basic Information

Operating hours, fees, weather, pets, and more.

Park entry sign in the desert below El Capitan
Directions & Transportation

How to get to the park, and how to get around once you are here.

A visitor takes photographs in the gypsum dunes
Things To Do

Hikes, historic sites and other things to do during your visit.

A park entrance sign in front of the visitor center and the mountains
Places to Go

Consider including a visit to one or more of these special locations along with your other planned activities.

A bright tent in a tent campsite with mountains behind it.
Developed Campgrounds

Learn about primitive tent and RV camping at the Pine Springs and Dog Canyon campgrounds.

Brown sign denoting that pets are not allowed on trails
Pets Prohibited on Most Trails

Opportunities for dogs are severely limited. We encourage visitors to think twice before bringing their dog to the park.

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Plan your trip and enrich your visit with our free app.

A line of hikers follow a trail down a desert mountain landscape
Backpacking in the Guadalupes

Begin here to plan your backpacking adventure, check out our recommended itineraries or create your own.

A hiker uses binoculars to view a desert mountain landscape.
Hiking the trails in the Guadalupes

Learn more about hiking the diverse trail system in the largest wilderness area in Texas.

Mountain Time Zone Sign is visible with the mountains in the background
What time is it?

Guadalupe Mountains is in the Mountain Time Zone; it is likely that your smart phone will display the time incorrectly during your visit.

A park ranger kneels next to a patrol vehicle
Laws & Policies

Learn about the laws and policies that are in place for your safety and the safety of the park and its resources.

A park ranger visits with a family

What to know for a safe visit to the Guadalupe Mountains.

A trail leads past a ruined stone wall with desert mountains behind.

General information about accessibility at the Guadalupe Mountains

Last updated: February 22, 2023

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