Fee Waivers

Granting of Entrance Fee Waivers:

Entrance fees can be waived for those groups who provide documentation of educational status on official letterhead, and whose proposed visit relates directly to resources found only in the park. A written explanation of what the purpose entails and how it relates to the park resource is required.

Fee waiver requests must be submitted at least six weeks before a scheduled visit to allow for consideration.

Qualification Standards:

School groups or outings conducted for educational or scientific purposes by schools or other bona fide educational institutions can qualify for an entrance fee waiver if they submit the following information:

  • A letter requesting waiver of entrance fees on official letterhead and signed by an official representative of the institution.
  • A statement which relates the purpose of the proposed visit to resources unique and specific to Guadalupe Mountains National Park, accompanied by lesson plans, course descriptions, daily activity schedules, etc., which indicate planned educational use of those resources inside the park. Include number of people (chaperones and youth) in your statement.

Please send all documentation to the park via email addressed to Visitor Services Manager.

Granting of Campground Fee Waivers:

Section 71.13 (d), Code of Federal Regulations requires that: "The use of any recreational facilities for which a fee waiver is requested must relate directly to scientific or educational purposes of the visit and may not be primarily for recreational purposes." A National Park Service review of camping fee waivers concluded that camping is basically recreational in nature and generally not essential to a group achieving its educational goal and objectives. In general, requests for camping fee waivers are rarely granted, even for bona fide scientific or educational groups.

Last updated: May 7, 2022

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