Park Planning

The National Park Service (NPS) plans for one purpose - to ensure that the decisions it makes will be carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible. The National Park Service prepares a variety of planning and environmental documents to help guide management of park resources. Planning provides methods and tools for resolving issues in ways that minimize conflicts and promotes mutually beneficial solutions - solutions that articulate how public enjoyment of the parks can be part of a strategy for ensuring that resources are protected unimpaired for future generations.

In this section, you will find a variety of Management Plans and other documents pertaining to the planning, management and operation of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Click on a link below to find out more.

General Management Plan (GMP) - This document identifies and assesses the various management alternatives and related environmental impacts relative to park operations, visitor use and access, natural and cultural resource management, and general development at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The final GMP will guide park management for the next 15-20 years.

Fire Management Plan (FMP) - This fire plan is an interpretation and application of national direction at the local level for Guadalupe Mountains National Park and is the primary reference for conducting all fire management activities in the park. People consulting this plan must put it in the perspective of the enabling legislation, other related legislation, policies, regulation, and guidelines.

Resource Stewardship Strategy (RSS) - A Resource Stewardship Strategy is a park program plan that includes strategies for managing natural and cultural resources. It is based on science and scholarship and is designed to achieve and maintain desired conditions for resources.

Natural Resource Condition Assessment (NRCA) - The Natural Resource Condition Assessment Program aims to provide documentation about the current conditions of important park natural resources through a spatially explicit, multi-disciplinary synthesis of existing scientific data and knowledge.

Geologic Resources Inventory - Report designed to increase understanding of the geologic processes at work in parks and provide sound geologic information for use in park decision making. It contains information relevant to resource management and scientific research.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park Administrative History - NPS administrative histories look at the history of federal parks and the National Park Service as public programs and as a public trust. They analyze individual parks and their establishment and administration, as well as NPS programs and policies.


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