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Ship Island Excurisions links Biloxi and Gulfport with Ship Island, part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Pan Isles, Inc., operating as Ship Island Excursisions, a private, nonsubsidised, for-profit company has a concessions contract to operate the service.

Since the establishment of the national seashore, the National Park Service has contracted Pan Isles, Inc. to operate Ship Island Excursions.
Ship Island excursions depart from the Gulfport, Mississippi Small Vessel Harbor and the Maragritaville Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi.
The 12-mile trip to Ship Island takes approximately one hour from each departure location.
Schedules vary throughout the season, visit at for today's schedule.
Ship Island Excursions operates two to three vessels depending on demand.
The tour boats are not be able to transport vehicles. Parking will be available at all departure points.
Yes, tickets provide transportation to and from Ship Island.
Yes, each boat sells a variety of food and beverages on board. Ship Island Excursions also operates a snack bar on the island.
Yes, the boats are accessible including wheelchair ramps on to the boats and tie-down inside the cabin and on the first deck.
Ticket prices are listed on
The boats have limited storage space, so there are defined sizes and quantities of items brought on board by passengers. Visit the operators website for specific information.

Last updated: May 1, 2020

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