Research Permit Statutes, Policies, & Laws

Although studies conducted by outside investigators are not required to focus on specific NPS issues, all studies must be consistent with NPS statutes, policies, and environmental laws that govern research on NPS lands.

  1. Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 Chapter I Part 2 (36 CFR 2.5) Research Specimens
  2. National Park Service Organic Act
  3. National Park Service Omnibus Management Act of 1998
  4. National Park Service Resource Protection Act
  5. National Park Service Management Policies 2006
  6. Natural Resource Management Reference Manual #77
  7. Director's Order #75 (Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring)
  8. Director's Order #24 (National Park Service Museum Collection Management)
  9. Director’s Order #70 (Integrity of Scientific and Scholarly Activities)
  10. Natural Resource Management Reference Manual 41 (Wilderness Preservation and Management)
  11. Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979
  12. National Historic Preservation Act of 1966
  13. Endangered Species Act of 1973
  14. Wilderness Act of 1964
  15. Parts I-III and Interior Collection Management System (ICMS) User’s Manual
Complete Text of NPS policies is available at

Last updated: March 7, 2019

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