Fishing in Mississippi

The Davis Bayou boat ramp finger piers and the Ship Island (formerly known as West Ship and East Ship Islands) pier are closed to fishing and netting.

Recreational fishers in Mississippi are required to have a Mississippi State Saltwater Fishing License.

All fishing regulations within the seashore correspond to the state fishing regulations. The park boundaries extends one mile from shore around Petit Bois, Horn, and Ship Islands.

There is an excellent fishing pier near the visitor center in the Davis Bayou Area. Charter boat operators licensed with the National Park Service are authorized to take visitors out to the seashore waters to fish. Visitors who wish to fish at Ship Island can take the passenger ferry.

Commercial fishing, including commercial shrimping and commercial crabbing, is prohibited within seashore waters. Visit our Laws & Policies page to download a copy of the Superintendent's Compendium for a full listing of regulations.

Fishing is prohibited in the following locations when lifeguards are on duty: the designated swim beaches located at Johnson Beach, Langdon Beach, Opal Beach, and Ship Island (formerly known as West ship & East Ship Islands).


Spear Fishing Rules

Fishing using bow and/or arrow, pole spears, spear guns, Hawaiian slings or any other projectile device is prohibited in all the waters of the Seashore.

All spear fishing activity is prohibited in the following areas:

  • In all portions of the Davis Bayou Area.
  • Within the designated swim beaches at Ship Island.
  • Within 300 feet of the ferry piers

For more information regarding spear fishing regulations, please consult the Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks website.

Last updated: August 11, 2022

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