Superintendent's Compendium

COMPENDIUM of designations, closures, permit requirements and other restrictions imposed under the discretionary authority by the Superintendent of Gulf Islands National Seashore.

In accordance with regulations and the delegated authority provided in Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations (36 CFR) Chapter I, Parts 1 through 7, authorized by Title 16 United States Code Section 3, the following regulatory provisions are established for the proper management, protection, government, and public use of those portions of Gulf Islands National Seashore under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.

Unless otherwise stated, these regulatory provisions apply in addition to the requirements contained in Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1, Parts 1 through 7.

The closures and restrictions delineated in this compendium do not apply to official/administrative use or applications (36 CFR 1.2(d) and 1.5(a)).

Written determinations, which explain the reasoning behind the Superintendent’s use of discretionary authority, appear in this document as italicized print.

36 CFR Section 1.6(f) states that a list of activities that require a permit must be maintained. That list appears in this document under 1.6.

The actions and requirements described in this Compendium are found to be categorically
excluded from further compliance with the procedural requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in Department of the Interior (DOI) Guidelines 516 DM 6 and as such, an Environmental Assessment is not necessary.

This compendium will remain in effect until specifically amended or supplemented by the Superintendent.

36 CFR § Part 1 - General Provisions


Section 1.5: Closures and Public Use Limits


Section 1.6: Activities that Require a Permit


36 CFR § Part 2 – Resource Protection, Public Use, and Recreation


Section 2.1 Preservation of Natural, Cultural and Archaeological Resources


Section 2.2: Wildlife Protection

Hunting is prohibited in the National Seashore except for waterfowl hunting, which is authorized under the Seashore’s enabling legislation (16 USC 459h). Waterfowl Hunting is authorized only pursuant to applicable seasons, times and other regulations established by Federal and State migratory bird regulations and under the following conditions:


Section 2.10: Camping and Food Storage


Section 2.11: Picnicking


Section 2.13: Fires


Section 2.14: Sanitation and Refuse


Section 2.15: Pets Including Emotional Support Animals


Section 2.16: Horses and Pack Animals


Section 2.20: Skating, Skateboards, Stand Up Manual/Powered Scooters and Similar Devices


Section 2.21: Smoking


Section 2.22: Property


Section 2.51: Public Assemblies, Meetings


Section 2.52: Sale or Distribution of Printed Matter


36 CFR § Part 4 – Vehicles and Traffic Safety


Section 4.21: Speed Limits


Section 4.30: Bicycles and e-Bikes

On November 2, 2020, the National Park Service issued a final regulation regarding electric bicycles (e-bikes) in national parks, which became effective on December 2, 2020. This regulation was codified in 36 CFR 4.30 (i) (CFR) and reaffirms a superintendent's authority to authorize, or not, the use of electric bicycles within a park unit.

The e-bike regulation is at 36 CFR 4.30(i), and the definition of an e-bike, including the classes of e-bikes, is at 36 CFR 1.4.

The term “e-bike” means a two- or three-wheeled cycle with fully operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts (1hp).

E-bikes are only allowed in Gulf Island National Seashore where traditional bicycles are allowed.

Last updated: May 20, 2024

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