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0:29-0:48 - Volunteer Charles McCabe: Volunteers are important they supplement the normal workforce at the parks, and plus we get to give a little bit of a local idea to the people who come to visit us about how we feel about the fort and the various areas that are here.

0:49-1:02 – Volunteers Steve and Martha Burchfield: Working here at Gulf Islands is really important because there is a lot of history here, and I like preserving that for my children and my grandchildren because there is a lot here to see and a lot of history here.

1:03-1:29 – Volunteer DJ Zeminick: A lot of times when we’re out here getting ready for a hatch, there are going to be kids, and the kids gather around and if they’re lucky enough that they see a sea turtle nest hatch and all these baby turtles just come crazy out of the ground. The looks on their faces it’s just fabulous, it’s so great, and you know they’re caught. 1:29-1:43 – Volunteer Kenneth and Rhonda Herring: Working with the people and not only the public but also a lot of the administrators of these facilities. They all genuinely appreciate our work and our time and that goes a long way when you’re volunteering.

1:49-1:58 – Volunteers Steve and Martha Burchfield: I would definitely recommend volunteering; as I’ve said before if everybody did something for somebody else without wanting something in return, what a better world we’d have.

1:59-2:09 - Volunteer Charles McCabe: Oh absolutely anybody who has the time and wants to really do something that is beneficial to the park service, volunteering is great.

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Hear from current volunteers about their experience in the park, and why others should volunteer for the National Park Service.


Gulf Islands National Seashore could not operate without our Volunteers-In-Parks (VIP) program.

Each year volunteers donate over 23,000 hours using their talents and expertise to assist the Seashore in our mission of conserving natural and historical resources.

VIPs can choose from a variety of volunteer jobs including:

  • Providing visitor services
  • Participating in historic weapons demonstrations
  • Working with Historic Preservation
  • Conducting educational outreach programs
  • Removing marine debris
  • Answering visitor information requests
  • Campground hosting
  • Assisting with facilities maintenance

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Dates: 04/13/2021-10/27/202

To view more NPS volunteer opportunities visit www.nps.gov/volunteer or www.volunteer.gov.

To inquire about volunteer opportunties email Guis_Information@nps.gov.


Last updated: May 13, 2021

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