Aerial view of historic buildings with rain falling.
A rain shower can make the paths slick.

NPS Photo / M. Tessier


Tips for a Safe Visit

Important Phone Numbers to Know While Visiting

    • Emergency 911
    • Park Information 218-475-0123

Slippery When Wet!

    • Historic buildings and depot area have uneven walking surfaces, wear sturdy shoes.

    • Sidewalks, boardwarks, stairs, and parking lot can be slippery when wet or ice covered.


The Grand Portage and Mount Rose trails are rocky, with tree root hazards, and can be muddy in many places.

    • Hiking boots are recommended.

    • Different species of biting flies can be abundant. Carry protection in the form of repellent or barriers such as thick clothing in layers and/or head nets.

Avoid These Situations

Your visit may be spoiled if you violate park rules. Please help keep our contacts with you pleasant by paying special attention to park regulations and avoiding these problems:

    • Keep pets on a leash. Keep in mind the following structures and/or sales areas are closed to pets: The Heritage Center, Historic Depot area (Gatehouse, Kitchen, Great Hall, Canoe Warehouse, Ojibwe Village structures, Rendezvous Historic Encampment, and restrooms).
    • No camping in the picnic area.
    • Removal or possession of natural (flowers, rocks, minerals, wood etc.) or cultural features (artifacts) is prohibited.
    • Throwing rocks or other objects while on the Mount Rose Trail is prohibited and poses a danger to vehicles and people below.
    • Mooring your boat at the dock overnight is not allowed.
    • Properly dispose of all litter including pet waste.
    • Drive safely. (Posted speed limit is 30 MPH on all roads in the community and on MN State Highway 61 is 55 MPH).
    • Driving while intoxicated is against the law and dangerous.


    • A law regarding firearms in National Parks is in effect. Please see the Grand Portage Laws and Policies page for more information.

Last updated: March 22, 2024

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