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Bunkhouse with afternoon shadows on clear, snow covered winter day.
You are welcome to come in the bunkhouse, even on a cold winter day and see how the cowboys lived.

NPS photo

Log draft horse barn through the window pane of the bunkhouse.
Exploring the inside of the historic buildings can offer an interesting perspective of the ranch. Imagine ranch cowboys looking out this window from where they lived in the bunkhouse.

NPS Photo/Ken Larson

Self-Guided Tour

Walk through the bunkhouse and see how the cowboys lived. Breathe in the history, as the distinct smell of hay, horses and leather greet you in the log Draft Horse Barn, that has been in use since 1870. Discover the large collection of horse-drawn vehicles in the Thoroughbred Barn, which was built in 1883 as a stable. These are just a few of the buildings you will see at the ranch.

Remember it is still a working ranch, so you may see ranching activities as you tour the ranch. You might see a team of horses waiting for a harness in the barn, or a cowboy riding out to check the herd. Please be aware of your surroundings as you explore so everyone can safely enjoy the ranch.

Last updated: April 22, 2020

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