Con Warren's bird book.
Con Warren's personal bird book.

Birds have always been part of Grant-Kohrs Ranch. Historical records show that birds were admired by the Kohrs family. Augusta Kohrs would go into the ranch yard and whistle. It was said that she could whistle the birds right out of the trees. Con Warren, the Kohrs grandson, also took an avid interest in birding. He had birdfeerders hanging outside his kitchen window. In the morning Con would sit by the window drinking his coffee and watch the chickadees feasting at the feeders.

Today, nearly all birds are protected. We value them as watchable wildlife, and indicators of a healthy ecosystem. More than 230 species of birds can be found passing through or living at Grant-Kohrs Ranch. There are a varierty of walking trails that allow ample opportunity for observing many species of birds while here.


Last updated: February 24, 2015

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