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Locomotives are kept in the Engine House during Winter months (September through April).
Stop by the Visitor Center and discover how you can see the beautiful replica locomotives. Whether they are in the Engine House, sitting on display behind the visitor center, or operating down the tracks, viewing the locomotives may be one of the highlights of your visit. While visiting, you may also find out how you can help keep the 119 and Jupiter up and running, by asking our park staff about our volunteer program.

Outdoor Activities
Two driving tours, a hiking trail, and the famous "Re-enactment of the Driving of the Last Spike"

Guided Tours
Tours of the Engine House, home to the Jupiter and No. 119.

Nearby Attractions
Earthen Art, wildlife, and historic backcountry byways.

Explore the history of the railroad through films.

Last updated: January 13, 2018

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