Woman photographs vibrantly colored clouds over lake. The image is repeated in her camera viewscreen.
The high clouds of the summer monsoon season lend to amazing sunsets.

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National Weather Service Marine Forecasts

Check the Marine webpage for 3-day forecasts and specific information on Lake Powell conditions. Mouse over Lake Powell on the map for an overview, then select either Arizona or Utah side for in-depth area forecasts.


General Outlook

The weather in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is usually typical for the high deserts. Summers are extremely hot with little, if any, shade. Winters are moderately cold with night time lows often below freezing. Spring weather is highly variable and unpredictable with extended periods of winds. Fall weather is usually nice and mild, a great time to beat the heat (and the crowds!).

Temperatures can range from 110° F (38°C) in June & July to O° F (-16°C) in December & January. Precipitation is generally light (less than 6 inches [15.2cm] annually) though heavy rains and flash flooding is possible during the summer and fall "monsoons."

We recommend lightweight, light colored clothing for summer, including a hat. Layers of clothing are best for other times of the year.


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Average Weather at Glen Canyon

Temperatures Average High Average Low Lake Surface Rain/Snow
January 42F/6C 24F/-4C 46F/8C 0.47in/1.2cm
February 51F/11C 30F/-1C 46F/8C 0.43in/1.1cm
March 58F/14C 36F/2C 54F/12C 0.73in/1.9cm
April 68F/20C 43F/6C 54F/12C 0.34in/0.9cm
May 80F/27C 53F/12C 64F/18C 0.43in/1.1cm
June 91F/36C 62F/17C 78F/26C 0.20in/0.5cm
July 97F/36C 69F/21C 78F/26C 0.47in/1.2cm
August 94F/34C 67F/19C 79F/26C 0.67in/1.7cm
September 85F/29C 58F/14C 67F/19C 0.54in/1.4cm
October 71F/22C 47F/8C 67F/19C 0.78in/2.0cm
November 55F/13C 35F/2C 61F/16C 0.59in/1.5cm
December 46F/8C 27F/-3C 51F/11C 0.51in/1.3cm

Last updated: March 12, 2019

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