Ranger Presentations & Special Events

A ranger points to scenery in front of a crowd.

Hanging Garden Guided Hike - Daily through September 30

Join a ranger for a ½ mile (.8 km) one-way guided hike to a desert oasis. Hike will last approximately 1 hour.

Meet: 5:30pm MST Hanging Garden Trailhead
Directions: Turn off is ¼ mile (.4km) east of the Glen Canyon Bridge on Hwy 89. Park at the trailhead.
Bring: water, sturdy shoes, and sun protection.
The only shade is at the Hanging Garden itself. There are no restrooms or trash cans on this trail. Please take care of personal needs before arriving at the trailhead. Hikes are weather permitting.

Evening Ranger Programs at the Wahweap Campground Amphitheater
The amphitheater is in an outdoor setting, so programs are weather permitting. The Wahweap Campground is located in Wahweap, on Lakeshore Drive, on your left after the four-way stop. It will be dark after the program, so you may want to bring a flashlight. For more information, call 928-608-6200.
Glen Canyon Dam and bridge. Power lines criss cross.
Above the River's Roar

Friday, August 26th - 8:00pm MST

Ranger Nick Freedman introduces the characters who sought control over the Wild Wild West and the encounter between the wild Colorado River and the Southwest's thirst for water and power.
Two desert bighorn sheep on a cliff.
Desert Bighorn: On the Edge

Saturday, August 27th - 8:00pm MST

Come explore desert bighorn sheep with Ranger Cindy Stafford. Learn about their journey to North America, their reverence among Native American cultures, how they adapt to the desert and canyons, their comeback from near-extinction, and why their survival depends on us.
Night sky surrounds a houseboat on a beach.
Let There Be Dark

Friday, September 2nd - Special time - 6:00pm MST with telescope viewing after the program

Natural darkness is a valuable resource that is facing extinction. Join Ranger Kara Baker and learn why the night sky is so important and how you can help save it.
pallid bat content pic
Glen Canyon's Amazing Aerial Acrobats and Bug Zappers

Saturday, September 3rd - 8:00pm MST

Explore the mysterious world of bats with Ranger Andy Gosnell. Debunk the myths, value the benefits, and learn how scientific research at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is helping to protect and preserve these remarkable aerial acrobats.

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