Pets are allowed in most parts of the recreation area. Pets must be on a leash that is no longer than six feet in length. Owners must clean up solid pet waste.

Follow B.A.R.K.:
B – Bag your waste
A – Always be on a leash
R – Respect Wildlife
K – Know where you can go

Remember your pet is just as susceptible to the heat as you. Keep your pet hydrated and cool—a jump in the lake may be just the thing!

Areas Closed to Pets

Pets are NOT allowed in the following areas:

  • All archeological sites.
  • All marinas, docks, walkways, and launch ramps, except when proceeding directly to or from a boat.
  • Along the San Juan River from Clay Hills Crossing upstream to the Glen Canyon NRA boundary as designated by required permit available through the Bureau of Land Management.
  • The portion of Cathedral Wash between the road and the Colorado River.
  • Orange Cliffs special permit area.
  • Rainbow Bridge NM, except for pets in vessels at the courtesy docks.
  • Dogs and other companion animals are prohibited from entering Coyote Gulch within the boundaries of GCNRA. (This prohibition does not apply to guide dogs accompanying visual impaired persons or to hearing ear dogs accompanying hearing impaired persons.) This prohibition includes all dogs or other pet animals used to carry or transport recreational equipment or food.

Learn about other pet friendly parks on the NPS Pets page.

Last updated: March 12, 2021

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