Youth Conservation Corps Activities

Youth Conservation Corps members carry away invasive plants they removed at Yellowstone National Park (WY,MT,ID).

Rachel Cudmore

Protect Precious Resources
You will learn new skills while conducting work projects to help restore and protect the natural, cultural, and historic resources of your national parks such as removing exotic or invasive plants; constructing or repairing boardwalks, bridges, trails, campsites, fences; teach environmental education programs, and habitat preservation.

Learn from a park ranger about the national parks!

Rachel Cudmore

Learn something new every day
The Youth Conservation Corp isn't just about work, it's about building a future for yourself and the nation. While working on projects you will learn: 1) How your project benefits the park or the overall environment. 2) The project's positive environmental impacts. 3) Learn about the cultural and historical significance of the park.

Youth Conservation Corps members "branch out" during a workshop at Boston National Historic Site (MA).

NPS Photo

Who says work isn’t fun!
Chances are you will see wildlife or history before your eyes, stand on a mountaintop or gaze at an ancient ruin, meet new friends, and learn new skills that you can carry with you into your future.

By being close to a national park, you will also have access to the countless recreational activities such as hiking, photography, backpacking, climbing, kayaking, biking, boating, camping, fishing, horseback riding, swimming.

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