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Visitors hiking in a park.
Tips on Getting Started

Find a park
Visit the Find a Park webpage to find a park in your state or any park of interest.

Learn about the park
Visit and explore the parks website to learn a little about its history; the natural, cultural or historical resources it protects; and the activities the park offers such as hiking, biking, wildlife watching, canoeing, or snowshoeing.

Brainstorm activities to participate in
Once you have learned a little bit about the park, think about activities that interest you. Many of the parks describe the interpretive and educational programs they offer to the public and various volunteer opportunities on their website. Record a list of ideas for possible activities.


Contact the park
Contact the park to discuss the possible activities. Once on the park’s website, click on the Contact Us link in the left corner and call the park information number. Identify that you are interested in participating in the Scout Ranger program and would like to speak to the person who handles the program for the park.

Frequently Asked Questions