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Educational Program, Volunteer Service or Action Project
Girl scouts learn about trees from a park ranger while on a hike at Colorado National Monument (CO).
Girl Scouts learn about trees while on a hike with a park ranger at Colorado National Monument (CO).

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There are many exciting ways to you can discover your national parks! To become a Girl Scout Ranger you have the choice to either volunteer your time or learn something new about what make the parks and its resources special. But, of course, if you like you can do both! Take a look at the exciting opportunities below:

Discover more about your parks: Join an Education Program
National park sites offer many educational or interpretive programs that Girl Scouts can join, including:

  • Ranger-guided interpretive tours
  • Junior Ranger programs
  • Environmental education programs
  • Any other official NPS education program
  • Take part in a journey or other Girl Scout program activity at a national park.

Help out your parks: Join a Volunteer Service Project
Many park sites have volunteer service programs that can offer Girl Scouts an opportunity to assist in a variety of long-term or short-term projects to improve and ensure protection of park resources and facilities. Girl Scouts are encouraged to take part in any sustainable organized project, agreed upon by the NPS, as an appropriate service or action opportunity that protects and preserves park resources.

Both volunteer service and action projects contribute toward the common goal of making the world and its environment a better place. Service focuses on the short term impact and action projects focus on the long-term impacts. See the Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more about the difference between volunteer service and action projects.

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