Project FeederWatch Blog: Journal Entry #4: March 27, 2011

birds nps 3
A red-winged blackbird at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

NPS photo

Today at the Jamaica Bay wildlife Refuge I saw 5 bird species. They were the goldfinch, cardinal, red-winged black bird, song sparrow, and the dark-eyed junco. There were about 12 goldfinches eating seed from the bird feeder. Mixed in with the goldfinches were 3 female and 1 male cardinals. A few minutes later most of the finches moved away and the red-winged black birds flew to the feeder. They were waiting in the trees until everyone left so they could eat. The song sparrow was eating off the bird feeder and also eating off the ground. The dark-eyed junco was eating off the ground. I was glad to see the dark-eyed junco because this was the second time I saw it here.

I was able to take some pictures of the red-winged blackbirds. The red-winged black bird gathers in big flocks. Their habitat is by fresh and salty water. The red-winged black bird feeds on mostly seeds from trees in the winter and in the summer they eat insects. The red-winged black bird male is very territorial during the breeding season. - Taylor Ramos

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