Journal Entry #7: May 15, 2011

Osprey nest as seen from the West Pond Trail
An osprey nest seen from the West Pond Trail

NPS photo

It is easy to see osprey at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in the spring and summer. The osprey is a hawk-like bird that is dark brown and white, and about two feet tall with a wingspan of as much as 6 feet. Osprey feed mainly on fish like catfish, carp, blowfish, eels, mullet, salmon, and goldfish. Ospreys hunt by flying high in the sky to about 30-100 ft, and then diving down to the water to catch their prey. Males and females stay together for life. They lay up to 3 eggs with brown spots on them. We have several breeding pairs of osprey in Jamaica Bay. The nest pictured here is visible from the West Pond Trail. - Taylor Ramos

Journal Entry #6: May 8, 2011

Journal Entry #8: May 22, 2011

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