Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska

ATV trail leading to Anaktuvuk Pass in the Brooks Range

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Situated inside the park’s boundaries, at the top of a wide 2,100 foot mountain pass, the village of Anaktuvuk Pass is a great place to start your exploration of Gates of the Arctic.

Anaktuvuk Pass is accessible by commercial air service from Fairbanks and hosts a ranger station staffed by national park rangers during the summer season. A small village off of the road system, Anaktuvuk Pass does have limited services available to visitors (see below).

Most of the residents of Anaktuvuk Pass are inland Iñupiat, or Nunamiut people, and many still rely on subsistence activities like caribou hunting to supplement their way of life. If you visit or travel through the community and surrounding Native corporation lands, please be respectful of the local residents and their daily subsistence activities. More information on this is detailed below.

The Nunamiut have a rich history living in the Brooks Range that dates back many generations. Learn more about their traditional culture in the history of Anaktuvuk Pass, the Nunamiut people of Anaktuvuk Pass, and at the Simon Paneak Memorial Museum located within the village.

View of Anaktuvuk Pass, looking west at the mountains
View of Anaktuvuk Pass, looking west at the Brooks Range mountains

NPS/Josh Spice


Land Status in the Anaktuvuk Pass Area

Camping in Anaktuvuk Pass

The Anaktuvuk Pass city council has designated the area around the access road on the east side of the airstrip for visitor camping. The closest public restroom to this location is in the red building on the airstrip itself. Others are located at the National Park Service (NPS) ranger station and in the community center across from the ranger station. Practice Leave No Trace and do not leave any solid human waste (or other litter) around your camp or within the village. All food and scented items must be contained in certified bear-resistant food containers, as bears are present in the area.

Backcountry Access and Travel

Backcountry visitors may camp for one night on Nunamiut Corporation lands while en route to or from NPS land, except in an emergency. An easement with the Nunamiut Corporation allows backcountry visitors to travel across corporation land and camp no less than one-half mile from any active subsistence camp, for one night only. Visitors must not interfere with subsistence activities in any manner. Granted written permission from the Nunamiut Corporation does not need to be obtained to use this easement to travel across and camp for one night on Nunamiut Corporation land while en route to or from NPS land.

A Nunamiut Corporation easement allows for the subsistence use of 6- and 8-wheeled ATVs on federal non-Wilderness lands in the area around Anaktuvuk Pass. Hence, while in the Anaktuvuk Pass area on non-Wilderness park lands and Nunamiut Corporation lands, local subsistence users on ATVs may be encountered. The benefit to backcountry visitors is the establishment of defined ATV trails around Anaktuvuk Pass which makes travel across the commonly wet, spongy tundra significantly easier and faster.

Further Information on Nunamiut Corporation Lands

Visitors wanting to spend multiple nights on Nunamiut Corporation lands must acquire permission and a permit from the Nunamiut Corporation. Clarification: within the park boundary, linear travel across Nunamiut Corporation land including one night of stay or less does not require permission or a permit as this use is allowed for by the easement.

Outside the park boundary and on other corporation lands away from Anaktuvuk Pass within the park, visitors are restricted to linear-designated 17B 'trail' easements, as the Anaktuvuk Pass easement does not apply.

Private Lands

On the map below and in other areas within the park, there are parcels of private land, of which the access easement does not apply. There is no allowed permission to travel across or camp on these parcels of private property. Contact the NPS to ensure your travels within the park are in compliance with the regulations.

The following map is not a legal depiction of land status. It is intended to display the general location of private and Nunamiut Corporation lands for general route guidance.

Map of land status in the Anaktuvuk Pass area of Gates of the Arctic
Click the map to view a larger version. Note: this map is not detailed enough for exact navigation and is only intended for general guidance purposes. For current, exact land status boundaries and ownership, refer to the NPS online land status and boundary map link below.

View the NPS online land status and boundary map

View Maps of Gates of the Arctic

Satellite image map of Anaktuvuk Pass with services legend
Anaktuvuk Pass Services Map. Click to view larger.

Information and Services

Anaktuvuk Pass Ranger Station (NPS) - (907-661-3520) Staffed each year between April to the end of September. Hours are typically Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. The station may not be open on weekends or if staff is in the park (an often and long-duration occurrence). A Passport to Your National Parks Cancellation Stamp is available inside the ranger station.

Groceries – Nunamiut Corporation Store (907-661-3327) 10am-6pm Mon.-Sat., 10am-5pm Sun. Food and sundries; possible white gas, no backpacking canister fuel.

Lodging – Nunamiut Corporation Hotel (907-661-3220) Inquire locally for prices

Restaurant – Nunamiut Restaurant (907-661-3220) Typically open Tues.-Sat. 11am-7pm.

Museum — Simon Paneak Memorial Museum (907-661-3413) Admission - $10; Exhibits on Nunamiut history, life, and culture; gift shop with Alaska Native crafts; A Passport to Your National Parks Cancellation Stamp is available here.

Post Office — (907-661-3615) Typically open 10:30am -5pm, Mon.-Fri. Postage Stamps, US Mail. Will hold packages sent to General Delivery for up to 15 days, longer by request.

Health Clinic - Robert Ahgook Memorial Health Clinic (907-661-3914) 8:30am-5pm, Sun.-Sat. Provides a basic level of medical care.

Note: Many businesses in the village operate 8:30am-5pm, Mon.-Fri. Prices and Services in Anaktuvuk Pass are typically much more expensive than other places due to its remote location, and are subject to change.

Last updated: April 25, 2023

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