Cartoon of telegram operator at desk
Switchboard operators worked in the vestibule.

Olmsted Archives, FRLA 15821 Olmsted Employee Scrapbook, FRLA 15821-278, circa 1905

There were many women who worked in the clerical department who we don't know much about other than their name and how much money they earned. Research in census records and city directories revealed more about them.

Here is some of the information we learned about the ten women in the clerical department in 1925:

· They ranged in age from the early 20s to age 70

· Most were single, which was most common for the time, with two exceptions: Lillian Murphy Donovan was married to a draftsman on staff and Mabel Gilman was divorced and raising a daughter.

· Some lived in Brookline, but others came in from Boston or surrounding suburbs

· The women had different pay scales based on their position and tenure in the office.There appear to be entry level salaries (between $78 and 95/month), as well as mid-level salaries ($130/month), and skilled and leadership positions ($150-225/month).

· Most women received a yearly raise.

office memos
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Left: An example of a sheet used by telegram operators in 1910 was part of an organized office system.
Right: Katherine Shea worked for the Olmsteds in the 1920s. Her named has been added over the crossed out names of prior switchboard operators in this office memo.

Olmsted Archives, FRLA 15820 Scrapbook, 1900; FRLA 46527 Office Memoranda Vol III, 1890-1979, FRLA 46527-03-105

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