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Become a Friendship Hill National Historic Site Junior Ranger. The program guides children on their explorations of Friendship Hill, helping them learn about Albert Gallatin’s contribution to our nation in a fun and engaging way.

Junior Rangers are special people who are dedicated to their National Parks. Their mission is to explore, learn, and protect, and to have fun while doing it!

Friendship Hill has three ways for Junior Rangers to earn a badge. Your choices are:

  • Visiting the park and completing the Junior Ranger

  • Visiting the park and completing the Senior Ranger

  • Learning about five parks with the Western Pennsylvania National Parks Sites Virtual Junior Ranger.


Friendship Hill Junior Ranger


When visiting Friendship Hill stop at the visitor center desk to get a copy of the Junior Ranger booklet and become a Junior Ranger today! Children completing the program will earn a Friendship Hill Junior Ranger badge.

The Friendship Hill Junior Ranger program includes different levels of activities for children age 6-12. The levels are named to reflect the stages of Albert Gallatin’s career. "Industrialist" activities are recommended for children ages 6 through 8. Children 9 and 10 strive to become "Congressmen" while 11 and 12 year-olds complete the "Secretary of Treasury" tasks.

This program is intended to be completed on-site, in person. There are activities in the book that only make sense if you've gone through our museum and experienced the Gallatin House in person. While we are excited to have you complete them and earn the badge, we will not be sending workbooks out through the mail.

If you would like to begin work on your Junior Ranger Adventure Book before you arrive, you can download a copy here. If you are unable to make it to Friendship Hill, you are welcome to mail us your completed printout and we will look it over and send you a badge.


Friendship Hill Senior Ranger

Red patch with black border.  The words "Friendship Hill Senior Ranger" are embroidered above and below the embroidered images of the Stone house and bust of Albert Gallatin
Earn the Friendship Hill Senior Ranger patch
Looking for something harder? Try the Friendship Hill Senior Ranger. Designed for teens and adults it includes a variety of fun activities and will help you learn about Albert Gallatin.

Ask for a copy at the visitor center desk. When you are done you will earn a Friendship Hill Senior Ranger patch or a Friendship Hill Junior Ranger badge.

Western Pennsylvania National Park Sites Virtual Junior Ranger

Employees  and kids collage
Open the Virtual Junior Ranger web page and move the slider on each image to reveal the answer.

There are five National Park Service sites in western Pennsylvania: Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site, Flight 93 National Memorial, Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Friendship Hill National Historic Site and Johnstown Flood National Memorial. Use the parks’ websites to explore each park and learn about everyday heroes.

Complete as many of the questions as you can. Make sure you answer the last question. Then you can earn your Virtual Junior Ranger badge and stamp.

Start here to explore five parks.

Last updated: May 18, 2024

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