Fredrick Douglass National Historic Site welcomes all individuals with a disability! The park strives for accessibility by communicating barriers and providing alternative programming. Explore the accessibility pages for relevant information categorized by disability type. Contact us with any questions or for help planning your visit.

A white house sits atop a hill surrounded by green grass. A brick pathway leads to the front door of the home.
Learn about access at Fredrick Douglass National Historic Site!

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Additional aid

  • TTY Federal Relay Service (800) 877-8339
  • Voice Carry Over (VCO) (877) 877-6280
  • Speech-to-Speech (877) 877-8982
Two cement walls intersect to form the exterior of a visitor center. Double doors sit closed toward the left.
Entrance to the visitor information center

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

Physical / Mobility
A wheelchair is available for visitors to borrow while at the site and can be requested at the visitor center.

Parking Lot: There are two designated accessible spaces with an aisle in between near the visitor center entrance. The parking lot is paved.

Visitor Center: The visitor center is a single-level building at street level. Doors at the entrance and restrooms can only be opened manually. Once inside there’s room to navigate in a wheelchair. As visitors enter, they will see the information desk to the left. Further past the desk is the theater room. Next to the statue is a gift shop with items available for purchase. Further back left are the restrooms. In the theater room, there’s space to place up to four wheelchairs at a time.

Historic House: The historic house is a multi-level building on top of a large hill. It is 50 feet above street level. There is a paved ramp between the visitor center / parking lot area and the bottom of the hill. A paved road consumes the rest of the pathway to the top of the hill, and becomes steep with a rise of 9.35%. With staff permission, you can use a personal vehicle (no larger than a 15-passenger van) to access the top of the hill. Please be advised that wheelchairs more than 27.5 inches wide will not fit through the narrowest door frame on the first floor. There is a ramp within the home that has a rise of 13.65%. The second floor can only be reached by stairs, as there is no elevator inside the house. Staff can provide a photo tour of the second floor for any visitors unable to reach it.
Chairs lined up in three rows face a blank screen. A quilt hangs on the right and posters hang on the wall to the left.
Theater room in the visitor center

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

Deaf / Hearing Loss

Visitor Center: The 19-minute film "Fighter for Freedom: The Frederick Douglass Story" is open-captioned. Assistive listening devices are available by request. There are 32 available devices. The brand is Listen Technologies, and the type is LR-500-072/216. Each device has a detachable earpiece for one ear.

Historic House: Assistive listening devices are available by request for the house tour. If you would like to request an American Sign Language interpreter, please notify us two weeks in advance by contacting us.

A statue of Fredrick Douglass stands next to the quote, "To those who have suffered in slavery I can say, I, too have suffered... to those who have battled for liberty, brotherhood, and citizenship I can say, I, too have battled."
A statue of Fredrick Douglass stands next to one of his quotes

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

Blind / Low Vision

Visitor Center: Descriptive listening devices are available by request for the 19-minute film "Fighter for Freedom: The Frederick Douglass Story." A tactile statue of Frederick Douglass stands in the visitor center.

Service Animals
Service animals are allowed in both the visitor center and historic house. See the U.S. Department of Justice's website for a definition of a service animal.
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