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The entrance to the 2nd term room is wide and granite. Trashcans and benches are positioned to the left. Various statues are seen in the background to the right. Cherry blossoms stand to the left.
2nd term entrance

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Grackzyk


  • Visitors walk from the sidewalk along West Basin Drive straight into the open memorial area. The memorial’s surface is firm granite.
  • To the left of the memorial is a wheelchair accessible sidewalk. Slopes on the sidewalk range from 3.1%-6.8%.
  • There are pathways at either end of the memorial that lead to the Tidal Basin. Some of these pathways have stairs, but some of them are wheelchair-accessible.
  • Throughout the memorial, there are more than 82 places to sit. None of the benches/seats have a back or arm rests.
  • Information panels are placed throughout the memorial. It is 27 inches from the ground to the underside of each panel.
  • There is room to navigate between the outdoor exhibits in a wheelchair.
  • There are fountains located throughout the memorial. Be cautious when approaching the fountains, as some do not have barriers.
An information panel is positioned in front of a life-sized statue of FDR in a wheelchair. On the information panel is a miniature, tactile version of the statue, and audio description.

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk


As visitors enter the memorial from the street, the Prologue is located to the right, across from the bookstore. Included in the Prologue is a statue of FDR in a wheelchair, braille and inscriptions behind the statue, and an information panel.

A tall, stone wall reads, "Among American citizens, there should be no forgotten men, and no forgotten races.
1st Term Room

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

1st Term Room

Visitors will encounter a Presidential Seal, a bronze bas relief, a small fountain, and a large fountain.

An information panel is positioned in front of various statues in the 2nd term room. In between the statues and information panel is a planted tree surrounded by dirt.
2nd term room

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

2nd term room

  • As visitors enter the first half of the 2nd term room, they will encounter three sculptures: the Appalachian Couple, the Breadline, and Fireside Chat.
  • Entering the second half, they will see a large fountain, a fence, a five-panel mural, five columns, and a small fountain.

An information panel is positioned in front of a statue of FDR and a statue of a dog. In between the panel and the statues is a tree with dirt surrounding it. To the right is a rock formation and fountain.
3rd term room

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

3rd term room

Visitors will encounter two separate jumbles of big, linear stones. The one to the left consists of 12 stones. The one to the right consists of five stones. A fountain with jumbled stones is positioned to the right. Beyond the fountain is an alcove, in which FDR and his dog, Fala, sit. There are two stairs leading up to FDR and Fala.

An information panel is positioned in front of a rock formation. To the right is a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt wearing a dress and standing tall. There is a miniature, tactile version of the rock formation on the information panel.
4th term room

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

4th term room

  • In the upper level of the 4th term room, there is a paved ramp to the right with a slope of about 4.7%. The ramp leads to a bronze bas relief and a still pool of water below it. Exiting the area, there is another ramp (slope of 4.1%) to the left and handrailed stairs to the right. Turning the corner, there is a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • On the lower level is a large fountain with a ramp at the end. There are two opportunities to leave the upper level in Room Four to get to the Tidal Basin walkway. Near the beginning of Room Four, there is a set of handrailed stairs and an accessible paved path. Near the end of Room Four, there is a similar option.

A life size wheelchair is positioned to the left with an information panel in front of it. To the left sits a long table with various exhibits that include audio, braille, and tactile elements.
Bookstore exhibits

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk


  • The bookstore is located near the beginning of the memorial across from the Prologue.
  • The entrance is a set of double doors that visitors must push to open.
  • Once inside, visitors encounter an exhibit area with various tactile elements. The exhibits stand at different heights: 27, 28, and 33 inches. To enter the bookstore, visitors must turn left. There is room to navigate through the bookstore in a wheelchair. The information desk is located to the right once inside the bookstore. There is a smaller desk that stands at about 32 ½ inches high.

Two large doors sit in an aclove, indicating women's and men's. Braille is available under each restroom sign to indicate gender. Each door has a handle.
Restrooms at the south entrance

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk


  • Restrooms are located at the front and back of the memorial. Restrooms on the north side are located on the backside of the bookstore and separated by gender. Restroom doors have handles that visitors must pull open. Inside, there are two wheelchair-accessible stalls, one wheelchair-accessible sink, and a baby changing station. There are two benches (with no arms or back rest) and a broken water fountain outside of the restrooms.
  • The restrooms on the south side are separated by gender. Each restroom has a changing station, two wheelchair-accessible stalls, one wheelchair accessible sink, and one wheelchair-accessible hand dryer.

Last updated: April 23, 2024

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