Area map of the tidal basin
Map of the FDR Memorial located along the Tidal Basin.


Memorial Area Map
Navigate to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial via the award-winning National Mall wayfinding map. During you visit, this map will be available in key locations to help u get from place to place. Click on the links below to download high-res versions of the map.

A screen shot of the NAMA App Home Screen
A screenshot of the NAMA App.


Navigate with the National Mall App
Use the National Mall App on your smartphone to navigate your way around the National Mall. Key features include:

Map: An official National Park Service map of the central tourist area in Washington, D.C. Easy to use while outdoors, the map features large font sizes, walkways that are easily distinguishable from roads, and three zoom levels. By tapping the 'locate me' icon, you will always know where you are.

Park Lens: Find out what is around you with augmented reality views of the National Mall. Just hold up your device and look through the activated camera view. labels will appear identifying all sites on the National Mall.

Download the Android and Apple versions of the app.

Last updated: February 22, 2016

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