Picnic Permits

Picnic Permits

Picnic areas are required to be reserved.

Fort Washington Park uses Recreation.gov or by phone at 1-877-444-6777 during business hours (10 am - 10 pm Eastern Time).

Reserving a Picnic Area

Picnic Areas

The picnic areas at Fort Washington Park are not located near the water or have a water view. There are eight reserve areas at the park.

Reservation Cost

Area A: $150.00 (up to 200 people)
Area B1: $125.00 (up to 150 people)
Area B2: $100.00 (up to 100 people)
Area B3: $125.00 (up to 150 people)
Area B4: $125.00 (up to 150 people)
Area C: $150.00 (up to 200 people)
Area D1: $75.00 (up to 50 people)
Area D2: $75.00 (up to 50 people)

Things to Know Before Reserving

More information and rules for each reservable picnic area are available on Recreation.gov and will be provided on your reservation. Here are some general rules to consider if reserving a picnic area Fort Washington Park:

There are eight reservable picnic sites at Fort Washington Park. Depending upon the area the site can hold up to 200 people.
Tables may not be moved from one picnic site to another.
The picnic areas have grills. You are allowed to bring a charcoal grill if you prefer. Propane or other types of fuel source grills are not permitted. You may not drive on the grass to unload it.
Vehicles are prohibited from driving or parking on the grass or permitted on service roads to unload equipment. All equipment must be unloaded from a designated parking space. The permit holder is responsible for turf damage.
Parking is available in the picnic areas and is not guaranteed by this permit. Parking areas are not reserved and must remain open to the public at all times. Areas A & C have their own parking lots next to the tables.
The permit holder is responsible for ensuring the area is clean and bringing extra garbage bags is recommended. Place bags of trash in the trash containers; if the containers are full, please double bag the trash and place next to the containers, do not leave them next to the tables. Or you may take the rest of your trash with you.
Balloons are prohibited on parkland. Do not attach items, such as hammocks, ribbons, banners, or directional signs, to any park object, either natural or man‐made.
The restrooms for all visitors to use and cannot be reserved for a picnic area. There are restroom located next to Areas A, B1, B4, & C. The other areas use either B1 or B4 restrooms.
Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.
Specialized recreation equipment, mechanical or carnival rides such as moon bounces, rides using livestock, and petting zoos and/or displays using live animals are prohibited. Electric generators, DJs, live bands and amplified sound systems are prohibited.
Tents and canopies no larger than 12 feet by 12 feet in size for shade are allowed.


Last updated: June 25, 2020

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