The Historic Hangar

Inside the Historic Hangar with a view out the hangar doors facing west.
The Historic Hangar provides a great venue for larger events, the interior of the space is pictured above.

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About the Historic Hangar at Pearson Air Museum

Pearson Air Museum's Historic Hangar was built in 1921, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Around 1924, it was moved to its current location by the Army Air Service.

Today, the Historic Hangar is located adjacent to Pearson Air Museum, a part of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. The Historic Hangar is accessible through Pearson Air Museum. It also has large barn-style doors which open this space to the outdoors for indoor-outdoor events.

The Historic Hangar at Pearson Air Museum provides an excellent venue for weddings, luncheons, parties and other larger events, and celebrations of life.

Venue-Specific Information



General Guidelines

  • Your Special Use Permit does not grant exclusive access to the grounds surrounding the Historic Hangar, including the public parking areas on East Evergreen Blvd. For increased privacy, it recommended that you schedule your event early or after hours.
  • Due to the archaeological significance of the site, ground disturbance, including staking, is not allowed.
  • The releasing of balloons, doves or butterflies and throwing of rice, birdseed, flower petals or other natural or artificial material is prohibited.
  • Due to the natural terrain of the area, set-ups such as chairs, carpet runners, arches, trellises, podiums, organs/pianos, loud music instruments or related items are not allowed. Certain flowers are permitted as long as they arrive and depart with the permittee. Please indicate on the application.
  • Torches, fires, grilling, cooking, and other sources of open flame are prohibited.
  • Balloons are prohibited.
  • Music, both amplified and non-amplified (acoustic), may be permitted upon request and must be managed at a level not to exceed 85 dB measured at the perimeter of the event.
  • Freestanding directional signs related to the event are permitted and are to be removed immediately by the event. Affixing directional signage to government property is prohibited. Any posted signs will be removed. Please coordinate with park staff on the placement of event signs.
  • Inflatable play structures, including but not limited to bounce houses and slides, are prohibited.
  • Vehicles, including, but not limited to, horse-drawn and electric carts are prohibited outside of paved roadways.
  • The sale of all merchandise, including, but not limited, to T-shirts, clothing, and arts and crafts, and vending of food/beverages on parkland is prohibited.
  • Fundraising or requests for donations are prohibited
  • Alcohol may be consumed on-site, but not be sold. If you anticipate serving alcohol at your event, please let the National Park Service staff know during the permitting process.
  • No gum, Jellybeans, or gummy types of candy, e.g. gummy bears, Swedish Fish, licorice, or any other type of product that would stick to the floor, walls, or furnishings in a building.
  • Before and immediately following the event, a National Park Service and permitted representative will complete a Facility and Equipment Checklist indicating the condition of the Bandstand.
  • Nailing, taping, hanging of items or hammocks are prohibited. All decorations and trash must be removed from the park within the permitted time period. If park staff must clean up or repair damage upon your departure, the permittee will be billed additional fees.
  • Additional documents may be required, including a Certificate of Insurance, a performance bond, and a permit from the City of Vancouver. The National Park Service staff member facilitating your request will discuss these with you as necessary, depending on the size, scope, and type of activity proposed.

Contact Information

Mailing address: 800 Hatheway Road Building 722, Vancouver, WA 98661
Email: Office of Special Park Use
Phone: (360) 816-6241

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Last updated: January 13, 2023

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