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a little girl with a bright smile & green shirt plays on a brown parade ground with a cup, string, and ball toy.
Why not try playing with some old-fashioned toys when you come to Fort Stanwix?

Photo by Danielle P., Girl Scout Troop 254 of NYPENN PAthways Council

"Adventure on the Carry"
Online Games
Can You Build a Fort?
Make Your Own Ink
for a Journal

More National Park Fun!

There are a lot fun things to do at Fort Stanwix, in the visitor center, or around the grounds!
For example, you can:

Decide and declare your allegiance to the Crown or to Independence

Build your own wooden fort

See a model of the fort

Become a Junior Ranger

A young man stares at a blue and green map, the sun reflects off of the shiny textured surface as he traces it
What can you find while you explore?

National Park Service



.."Adventure on the Carry"..

For ages 3 to 6, a fun filled expedition where children will meet new friends and see many new things.

An exciting way for you and your child to explore Fort Stanwix!!

To participate in this activity when you arrive at the park, please ask a ranger at the Marinus Willett Center information desk.

.Why not try some Fort Stanwix Online Games?.

Continental Army Word Search
91kb JPG File

Fort Schuyler Crossword Puzzle
44kb JPG File

Fort Words Matching Game
92kb PDF File

Online Game Answers:

Continental Army Word Search Answer
106kb JPG File

Fort Schuyler Crossword Answer
106kb JPG File

Fort Definitions Matching Game Answers
85kb PDF File
a glass tabletop with hands holding wooden blocks. they are constructing a building
When you visit the park you can try to make your own fort. But some kids have made them at home using the steps below and their imaginations!

National Park Service

a boy with a green shirt opens his arms and smiles wide. he is showing the camera a model fort that was made by hand!

National Park Service

Build Your
Own Fort!

Are you having trouble imagining life during
the American Revolution?

Why don't you do what this Junior Ranger did and build your own fort!

an over head view of Fort Stanwix...but wait! it is a model made by a Junior Ranger, complete with tiny 18th C. soldiers!
This fun fort activity brought to you courtesy of Junior Ranger "S."!
(National Park Service Image)
a small box with flag waiving has been turned into a mighty fortress!

Junior Ranger "S." spent a lot of time completing his popsicle stick Fort Stanwix. It has a draw bridge and even four bastions. He even found cannons and model soldiers to put inside of it to represent a siege!

You can make your own fort out of anything from popsicle sticks, to blocks, to cardboard!

To compare the pieces of your fort to the pieces of Fort Stanwix
you can click on the link here:
Fort Description Page 85kb PDF File

How can you discover history in new and fun ways?

a man sits near a window with a quill pen scribbling into an open book
The Orderly Book of Major John Grahm's Company of the 1st New York Regiment was kept at Fort Stanwix, N.Y. from August 9, 1779 to July 12, 1780.
Traveling with a special book called a "journal" makes it much easier to remember the special things you have done and where you've been.

During the American Revolutionary War, different soldiers and officers kept special journals called "Orderly Books" to keep track of the day's orders and commands. To learn about the First New York Regiment's Orderly Book visit: Fort Stanwix NM Preservation

You can make a journal out of a few scraps of paper strung or stapled together. To make ink to write in your journal, follow the instructions below:
a brightly drawn purple feather in a black ink jar

Make Your Own Ink:
You may want an adult to help you with this project.

•1 cup ripe blackberries
• 1 tablespoon vinegar
• 1 tablespoon salt
• measuring cup and spoons
• stainer
•jar with lid

1. Mash the berries through the strainer into the jar to make a berry juice.

2. Add the vinegar and salt to the juice so that it will last a long time.

3. Keep the lid on the jar when not using the ink,
so that it doesn’t dry up.


And you don't have to wait until you come to the park to have fun, either!
Kids can visit these associated websites with permission of their parents or guardians:

Be a Fort Stanwix Junior Ranger!

Become a Junior Ranger



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