Life of a Civil War Soldier

Program Description:

In this hands-on program students will get an in-depth look at the everyday life of a Civil War soldier. Whether fighting for the Union or the Confederacy, soldiers on both sides faced the same challenges and were similarly equipped. Through group discussion and compare & contrast students will gain a better understanding of what being a soldier in the Civil War was really like. Hands-on items include replica Civil War clothing, shoes, haversacks, and bullets (mini-balls).

Students will learn about:

  • The daily life of a soldier
  • Uniforms worn by both Union and Confederate Infantry soldiers
  • Equipment soldiers carried
  • Food soldiers ate
  • What soldiers did for entertainment
  • Civil War weapons

Length: 60 minutes

Group Size: 45 maximum

Areas Visited:

  • Park classroom


This program will take place in the park classroom.

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Last updated: April 10, 2015

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