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Fort Smith weather usually is mild no matter the season. With four distinct, yet temperate seasons. Spring and fall are particularly mild with hot and humid days in late summer and during winter months when temperatures occasionally dip into the teens or below. Forecast often changes dramatically due to surrounding weather influences. Arkansas's central location allows weather systems from all directions to influence its climate.

Entrance Fees:

Entrance walk in - per person - $10.00

Entrance fee is good for individual entrance into the exhibits inside the visitor center building. There is no fee for viewing the grounds.

Entrance Passes:

Fort Smith National Historic Site Annual Pass - $30.00

The annual pass allow the pass holder and 3 adults (16 and older) free entrance to all the exhibits in the visitor center. The pass is valid for 12 months from the month of purchase, expiring the last day of that month.

Visitor Center

This building has evolved over time. Beginning in 1846 it was the enlisted men's barracks and dinning hall. In 1872, it was converted to a courthouse and jail. A second more modern jail was built in 1888. The last major changed occurred between 1996-2000 when the buildings were renovated and exhibits added making the building accessible to all visitors. The visitor center helps tell the story of Fort Smith from 1817 to 1896.

Fort Smith in Summer

From the establishment of the first Fort Smith on December 25, 1817, to the final days of Judge Isaac C. Parker's jurisdiction over Indian Territory in 1896, Fort Smith National Historic Site preserves almost 80 years of history. Explore life on the edge of Indian Territory through the stories of soldiers, the Trail of Tears, dangerous outlaws, and the brave lawmen who pursued them.

Last updated: March 2, 2016

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