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Alison Taggart Barone NPS

Revitalizing Fort Point's Narrative

Fort Point served as the "key to the entire Pacific Coast", and the "Guardian of the Golden Gate" during one of our Nations most trying times.

Discover the legacy of Fort Point, a storied fortress guarding the entrance to San Francisco Bay, through a captivating new exhibit. Delve into its strategic design, and unravel the evolving symbolism within its casemates. Each exhibit offers a distinct viewpoint on the fort's history and relevance.

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Exhibit Areas:

Sally Port:

Discover the ingenious design of Fort Point's entrance, strategically constructed to limit enemy access and bolster defense capabilities. Visitors can envision the scene as soldiers stand vigilant atop elevated banquets, ready to defend the fort if needed.

Guard Room:

Delve into the multifaceted significance of Fort Point throughout history, from its role in military conquest to its status as a symbol of California's early history and contemporary community hub.

Magazine 1: Why Here?

Explore the strategic importance of Fort Point in controlling access to San Francisco Bay and its vital resources, tracing its history from the Ohlone peoples to Spanish colonization and beyond.

Magazine 2: Who Worked Here?

Learn about the diverse array of individuals who contributed to Fort Point's construction and operation, including soldiers, civilians, and marginalized groups like African American cooks during the Civil War.

Magazine 3: Life at Fort Point

Gain insight into the daily routines and challenges faced by soldiers stationed at Fort Point during the Civil War, where the harsh environment posed a greater threat than Confederate forces.

Casemates 1–3: A Changing Symbol

Trace the evolution of Fort Point's significance over time, from a symbol of federal strength during the Civil War to its transformation into a cherished landmark and preservation effort in modern times.

Archway Exhibits: Then and Now

Reflect on the spirit of service and duty embodied by those who served at Fort Point throughout history, as well as the ongoing efforts of volunteers, park rangers, and preservationists to maintain its legacy for future generations.


Last updated: February 9, 2024

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