Historic Weapons Policies & Manuals for Living History

People in historic army uniforms fire rifles while visitors and an enlisted artillery soldier watch.
Staff and volunteers demonstrating trapdoor rifles and carbines during on the Fourth of July.

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In order to maintain visitor, volunteer, and staff safety, Fort Laramie National Historical Site requires that all historic weapons demonstrations meet National Park Service standards. All volunteers and staff who wish to participate in the fort's historic weapons program must review the following documents regularly. The park also requires staff and volunteers to pass a knowledge test on black powder firearms and train and drill in-person before performing any public demonstrations.


National Park Service Historic Weapons Safety Standards
Historic Weapons Safety Standards for Volunteer Groups (undergoing accessibility remediation)


Undergoing accessibility remediation. Contact us for copies.
19th Century Artillery Manual
19th Century Carbine Manual
19th Century Percussion Musket Manual
19th Century Percussion Revolver Manual
19th Century Repeating Rifles and Carbines
19th Century Trapdoor and Colt Revolver Manual


Undergoing accessibility remediation. Contact us for copies.
Artillery Demonstration Checklist
Artillery Inspection Checklist
Blackpowder and Weapons Storage and Handling Checklist
Breech Loading Carbine Checklist
Colt and Smith & Wesson Revolver Checklist
Percussion Musket Inspection Checklist
Small Arms Demonstration Checklist

Last updated: December 19, 2021

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